Writing Professionally

Writing Professionally

The SECRETS to the career of your dreams are in:

Writing Professionally

By Kathy Collard Miller


If you’ve always dreamed of writing a book, Kathy Collard Miller is the author you want to show you how it’s done. With 50 published books to her credit, she will show you how to chose the right subjects, use a twelve step process for preparing material for an article or book, and craft a bestseller. She also shows you step-by-step how to write an effective proposal and the secret of finding the right publisher. Unlike most other books on writing, Writing Professionally is delivered to you in the perfect format for easy use — as an e-book.

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People have said to you, “You should write a book!”

Secretly, you think so, too. You know you’re pretty good with words. More than that, you have a story to tell – a really GOOD one – something to say, and a desire to say it.

But there are a couple of obstacles standing between you and your dream of becoming a writer. Sometimes, you think those obstacles are insurmountable.

Maybe you think you don’t have enough time to write a book. Maybe you have lots of responsibilities at home.

Did you know that most people who begin successful careers as writers keep their other jobs for a while? It’s very common, and yes, it requires a little planning, but Writing Professionally by Kathy Collard Miller addresses those time challenges. This e-book will show you how every author who puts pen to paper juggles her responsibilities and makes writing work.

This is why many women find that writing professionally to be the perfect job for a stay-at-home mother.

 Perhaps you’ve always wanted to write – and you think that you are called to do it – but simply don’t know how to get started.

The way to get started as a writer is to write about something that you already know about.

Whether you realize it or not, you have expertise in certain areas. Publishers and editors will PAY YOU to write about those areas. Writing Professionally by Kathy Collard Miller will help you identify what you know and which are marketable writing topics.

Do you find that hard to believe? Take this brief test. Look through the lists below and briefly jot down what you know about any of the subjects:

Bible application
Children’s stories/articles
Christian character development
Christian education
Devotional readings
Handicapped individuals
Home schooling
Personal experience
Salvation story
Self esteem
Single life
Successful people

If this list sparked some ideas and opinions, know this, these topics all marketable books and articles. Suppose you knew how to search for more information on these topics? That’s right: You would be able to write an article or even a book. Writing Professionally by Kathy Collard Miller will show you how to do valuable research, then how to put everything together for either a book or an article.  But beyond research, let me tell you something important:

Whatever else you’ve been doing with your life, if you have the desire to write, chances are God has put that desire in you and wants you to do it.  Your life is unique and what God has done in you is unique. And it is important that you share it with others! You will be able to reach others – maybe someone that no else can reach – but only you can tell your story.

 You might say, “I’m a nobody. If I wrote something, would anyone would read anything that I wrote?”

Let me remind you of something that you already know: There is something very special about anything in print. People DO read it and remember.

For example: When God wanted people to remember the Ten Commandments, HE WROTE THEM DOWN. Whether people agree with them or not, they remember what God wrote to this day.


Unlike God who had plenty of credibility before He wrote the Ten Commandments, a writer gets credibility by writing. People will read what you’ve written because it is in print! But better yet, Writing Professionally by Kathy Collard Miller will show you how to find the solid information that you need, get great interviews, and put together articles and books that will help people and make them want to read what you write.

In the end, people will want to remember your name because you do have something to say.

 Perhaps you’re wondering, “If I wrote a book or an article, how would I ever find a publisher?”

Publishers need writers. Without good writers, they would be out of business. The real trick is learning how to market to publishers. It’s not rocket science. They MUST buy articles and books to stay in business. You can learn how to sell to them.

Writers begin with a query letter. There are certain elements that you want to include because they will capture the interest of the publisher or editor.

From there, you move to the proposal. The proposal is actually one of the most creative parts of writing a book. It allows you to prove to publishers why your book needs to be published. To do that, you will need to include certain research and criterion. Although dozens of books have been penned on the art of writing proposals, Writing Professionally by Kathy Collard Miller will tell you exactly what you need to know and how to proceed.

In Writing Professionally by Kathy Collard Miller, you will learn:

  • How to write an article
  • How to write a non-fiction book
  • How to write fiction
  • How to write a personal experience story
  • How to write a devotional
  • How to manage your time as a writer
  • Basic writing skills
  • How to market your written works

There is a lot more information in Writing Professionally by Kathy Collard Miller, but you can already see how anyone with the dream and calling can be a professional writer.

Now, it’s up to you to take the next step.

Download e-book instantly as a PDF.  No shipping!

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