The Money Mission

money mission

by Pamela Christian with Rebekah Montgomery

What could your women’s ministry do for Jesus — if you ONLY had some money! Do more than dream! Find the cash and live your call! Pamela Christian shows you step-by-step how to find and raise money in this practical, straightforward guide. Included are clever fundraising ideas, ways to stretch your dollars, budgeting techniques, promotional ideas, and tips for approaching the church budgeting board — all in a handy e-book format.

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The Money Mission How to Find Money For Your Women’s Ministry
By Pamela Christian

Do you need to raise money for your women’s ministry, but don’t know how? Or maybe you have some ideas on how to raise money, but are afraid to try because:

  • You’ve never tried fundraising.
  • You’re afraid it won’t be fun or profitable.
  • You’re not sure it’s Biblical.
  • You fear it will be too time consuming.

Okay, we admit it. Organizing and coordinating a good fundraiser for your women’s ministry will involve thought and planning. However, it can be both fun and extremely financially rewarding.

Discover what kind of fundraiser will work for you’re schedule AND your women’s ministry.

The Money Mission: How to Find Money For Your Women’sMinistry By Pamela Christian will help you do just that. This handy e-book will help you find the fundraising and money-finding techniques that will work for you. And you can make it happen!


Let’s look at the misgivings some people have about fundraising.

* Fundraising is hard and cannot possibly be fun.

Anything new is hard at first. But if the goal is worthwhile – and your goal of growing our women’s ministry is worthwhile – difficulties only exist to help us think creatively about our problems. When we fear something, we make it a matter of prayer and invite the Holy Spirit to inspire us. When He gets involved – watch out! Great things are about to happen! Plus, you may be surprised, when you pick the right activity, how much fun it can be!

The Money Mission: How to Find Money For Your Women’s Ministry By Pamela Christian encourages you to begin your search for funding on your knees. Fundraising then becomes an exciting adventure in faith and fellowship.

Imagine this:

  • Your women’s ministry team gets a vision for what your group needs to accomplish and what it will mean for the women in your community.
  • Your team is fired with creative enthusiasm. They begin to plan, set goals, get involved, and get started.
  • Your ministry team is galvanized into action with the necessary enthusiasm to make the vision become a reality.
  • You only need money to make it all happen and fundraising becomes the next natural step.

The Money Mission: How to Find Money For Your Women’s Ministry By Pamela Christian will show you how to take that next step. It will show you how to go from merely dreaming to real success — plus you will find fundraising activities fun and rewarding.

* The only Biblical way to raise money for a ministry is to pass the hat.

INCORRECT! — In fact, fundraising is in the Bible

  • Moses raised funds to build the tabernacle – from the Egyptians! (Exodus 3:21-22; 11:2, 3; 12:26)
  • Paul raised money to fund his mission trips by sewing! (Acts 18:3)
  • Nehemiah did fundraising in the court of a foreign king. (Nehemiah 2:1-8)
  • The prophet Elisha gave a widow a successful fundraising plan. (2 Kings 4: 1-7)

It’s nice – and highly commendable – if your supporting church or organization will fully fund your women’s ministry. But if they can’t or won’t, it doesn’t mean that women in your community need to go without an effective women’s ministry. It only means that you need to follow the examples of the aforementioned people. The Money Mission: How to Find Money For Your Women’s Ministry By Pamela Christian will help you do that.

However, if your church or sponsoring organization does give you money, you need to handle it wisely and stretch it.

Did you know that your women’s ministry might be able to book if really “big name” speaker who commands a large honorarium by “piggybacking” with another ministry? Or that your group can save significantly by pooling frequent flyer miles? Or that your ministry might qualify for a speaker’s booking bonus?

These are ways that large women’s ministries stretch their dollars and expand their outreach. These are ideas that your women’s ministry can use, too. While writing The Money Mission: How to Find Money For Your Women’s Ministry, author and speaker Pamela Christian surveyed top women’s ministry directors and has compiled their moneymaking and moneysaving tips and techniques for you. That is one section of this e-book that you won’t want to miss!

* Fundraising takes too much time.

Women have so many things to do each day that the very thought of adding a much-needed fundraising to the mix seems utterly impossible. And the women on your ministry team are busy, too. With such busy people, how productive can a fundraiser be?

By using The Money Mission: How to Find Money For Your Women’s Ministry By Pamela Christian, the answer is VERY PRODUCTIVE!

Pamela Christian has done the heavy lifting for you. She has compiled Moneymakers and Money Savers and has given you the details that will spell $UCCE$$!

A lot of $UCCE$$ is in the details. It’s details like having a beautiful “blessing basket” available for gifts and offerings. Or sponsorships. Or a scholarship program. Or producing and selling cassettes (not as hard as you think but VERY profitable!), and so many more. These are ideas that raise money by good stewardship of what you already have. And they take so little time.

There is a lot more information in The Money Mission: How to Find Money For Your Women’s Ministry By Pamela Christian, but you can already see how anyone with a vision for women’s ministry can be a successful fundraiser.

Now, it’s up to you to take the next step.

Download e-book instantly as a PDF.  No shipping!.


Hear what the author has to say about

The Money Mission.


“This is a book that in a very practical way will not only help people involved in Women’s Ministry planning an event. I believe that this common sense approach will be helpful to anyone needing to successfully plan and budget for any kind of occasion or happening. I recommend this book highly.”Max Lange, Ph.D., President, Childcare International“A technical training manual to “show you the money!” Reveals where God’s supply is stashed–waiting to minister to your women.”Lee Ezell

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