Starting a Women’s Ministry From the Ground Up

Start a Womens Ministry

by Betty Voshage










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Haven’t You Said:


“SOMEBODY should do SOMETHING to help the women of my church and community?”


IMAGINE: Crowds of women coming to your church for fun, friendship, help, comfort, and spiritual growth.

Wouldn’t you like to:

  • Hear their tears and laughter?
  • Share their joys as well as their sorrows?
  • Help them know more about Jesus and see lives changed?

You may say, “Yes, I would. But I can’t. I DON’T KNOW HOW.”

Maybe not; but ask yourself these important questions:

  • Does God ONLY use college-trained pros as women’s ministry directors?
  • Does He want to bless women throughYOU?
  • Can He use YOU?
  • Has He called YOU?


Let’s see: In the past, He used…

  • CRAFTSWOMAN named Dorcas to build the church at Joppa.
  • MERCHANT named Lydia to build the church at Philippi.
  • A former PROSTITUTE to start a revival in Samaria.
  • TENTMAKER named Priscilla to build the church at Corinth AND Ephesus.
  • A SISTER and MUSICIAN named Miriam as a praise leader and prophetess for the entire nation of Israel.
  • WOMAN named Deborah to mobilize an army against an evil foe.
  • MOTHER named Hannah to inspire leadership.
  • QUEEN and WIFE named Esther to rescue a nation in exile.


Does YOUR name belong in this list of ORDINARY women who were used by God to do EXTRAORDINARY things? AreYOU willing to be used by God to bless the lives of the women in your church and community?


The point is this: God uses all different kinds of women with varying skills to change people, neighborhoods, and yes, even nations. Could it be that He is calling YOU to make a difference?


Betty Voshage, author of Start a Women’s Ministry From the Ground Up (Jubilant Press), has been exactly where you are now. After retiring from IBM, she felt a burning desire to minister to other women. Starting from scratch, she built a successful women’s ministry and now educates other women on how they can, too.


Read her story to see how YOU can too.

Betty will show YOU step-by-step how to:


—    SURVEY the real needs of the women in your church

—    PLAN meetings, retreats, and Bible studies women will want to attend

—    handle MONEY matters

—    Convince the CHURCH BOARD of the need for women’s ministry

—    and in the end, BUILD a dynamic women’s ministry that touches lives for Christ from the ground up!


With the help of God and Start a Women’s Ministry From the Ground Up (Jubilant Press), YOU can do this!

Look around you. Do you know women who want to study the Bible? Do you know single mothers who need encouragement? Do you know young mothers, widows, and divorcees who are looking for Christian friendship?





ANSWER THE CALL.  Because you care and Start a Women’s Ministry From the Ground Up (Jubilant Press) today.

Download e-book instantly as a PDF.  No shipping!


Hear what Linda Evans Shepherd has to say about the book:


  1. Betty Lou Harris says:

    Looks great! BUT…what is the costs? Thanks!

    • jubilantmanager says:

      Sorry it was hard to find. When you are shopping in our site and need a price, just click on the ‘order now’ button and it will give you the price, — without actually charging you.

      Still I’m very glad you asked this question because we just dropped the price — to $4.99 to make this beloved resource avoidable to all.

  2. agnes Muturi says:


    Since i stared reading about women i have learnet alot. and istarted women ministry which is doing well.

    Thanks for your encouragement to women.


    Sister Agnes Muturi

    • jubilantmanager says:

      Hi Sister Agnes, so good to hear from you and so glad you enjoyed our downloadable ebook. Blessings on your new women’s ministry!

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