Secrets to Planning a Successful Big Event

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“Everyone laughed when I said that I wanted to plan a women’s retreat,” Mary said. “But the laughing stopped when more than 500 women attended and over 80 made a commitment to Jesus!”


How did Mary make her event such a great success?


She followed the principles outlined inSecrets of Planning a Successful Big Eventby Karen Porter. And you can too!

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Do you dream of planning any or all of the following:

•     Retreats

•     Conferences

•     Seminars

•     Banquets

•     Brunches

•     A girls’ night out

—   but don’t know how to pull it all together?


Here’s the good news: There is a simple method to these things that almost anybody can follow.


Secrets of Planning a Successful Big Event by Karen Porter will solve the mystery of how to put together all of the pieces. (Honestly, Karen couldn’t have made it any easier to follow her method!)

You can start right now with prayer. (Karen will show you how to pull together a team of like-minded women!) Then with His marching orders in one hand and Secrets of Planning a Successful Big Event in the other, you will see great things happen!

Here are some of the great tragedies of women’s ministry: (And some things that might be secretly holding you back!)


— Women with vision often lack the know-how to turn vision into reality.

— And those who DO know how frequently closely guard their secrets.

Karen Porter, a successful author, speaker, businesswoman, AND event planner, has opened her heart, mind, and experience to freely share her secrets in Secrets of Planning a Successful Big Event. She tells you what you need to know to make your God-given vision into a reality.


In Secrets of Planning a Successful Big Event, Karen gives you a compendium of great themes for you to use in planning your big event.

Then she takes the guesswork out of:

•     Booking a speaker

•     Finding a location

•     Scheduling the event

•     Advertising

•     Planning the food service

•     Determining workshops

•     Fundraising

•     Details, details, details


And she gives you comprehensive instructions on the scariest of all subjects — BUDGETS!

You can dream of planning a big event. OR you can actually plan and succeed — step-by-step-by-step! You can make a lot of costly (and potentially disastrous) mistakes. Or you can learn from someone who regularly plans successful big events.

Karen has taken away the guesswork. She’s taken what can be an overwhelming task and given you a simple plan to success.

What’s more, Secrets of Planning a Successful Big Event by Karen Porter is written in handy E-book (Electronic book) format.

What does that mean to you? This E-book will go SAFELY AND instantly INTO YOUR COMPUTER.

That means you will not have to retype the suggested forms, lists, and budget because you will already have them where you can print, cut and paste them to use yourself or distribute to your team.

There is no need for your dreams to turn to dust or for you to miss another opportunity. Simply click here and in a few minutes, you’ll be on your way to applying the Secrets of Planning a Successful Big Event


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Karen Porter is an author, Bible teacher, and popular speaker from Texas where she is Vice President of a major food company. Karen is co-author of “Bible Seeds” and has been published in national magazines such as “Focus on the Family”; “Discipleship Journal”; “Godly Businesswoman”, “Sunday School Leader”, and has authored curriculum for LifeWay Resources.
Download e-book instantly as a PDF.
No shipping charges.



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