Marketing Your Writing 101

by T. Suzanne Eller










Being a successful writer has always been a dream of yours but something holds back your success . What is it?  

It’s not ideas – you have them.

It’s not talent – you have it.


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Despite your hard work, your big break just does come. WHY?

T. Suzanne “Suzie” Eller knows. And she will tell you.

  • What the other books skip over: how to sell what you love to write.  Learn the bedrock principles for marketing your writing – which too many ignore and their career goes nowhere.
  • How to have a clear blueprint for success.
  •  How to submit the right way over the Internet:
  • How to find the best editor for your work:

Says Suzie: “Unfortunately, many writers shoot a manuscript to the editor with no idea of the editor’s needs or guidelines. Sending manuscripts blindly is not only a waste of time, materials and postage, but also a great way to alienate an editor.”


Plus Marketing Your Writing 101 offers how tos on:

Capturing great ideas at inconvenient moments

Getting those once-in-a-lifetime interviews

Overcoming writer’s block

Finding your audience

Analyzing the market

Deciding what rights to sell and which to retain

Writing queries that sell

Many writers have a virtual goldmine of ideas languishing in their files. Many writers have blockbuster bestsellers already written that the world will never see.

Maybe you are one of them.


Maybe you are passing up your golden opportunity – all because you don’t how to Marketing Your Writing 101: Everything You Need To Market & Publish Your Freelance Writing.


Did you know, for example, that thesis statements are not only for queries? Before you attend a writers’ conference, you need to write out your thesis statements ( see Chapter 3 Queries that Hit the Mark )for every article or story you plan to present in editor one-on-ones ( see chapter on Writers’ Conferences ). Then, when you are asked to share your idea with the editors, you will be able to present a clear picture of the story or article idea.


Do you know how long an ideal query letter should be? Would you like examples of winning queries? Do you know what specialty markets are in hot demand? Do you know how to re-market an idea by giving it a slight twist?


Suzie Eller wants to tell you how to do all these things and more inMarketing Your Writing 101: Everything You Need To Market & Publish Your Freelance Writing.


Whether you are a beginning writer or an old pro, you will learn something valuable from Suzie.

T. Suzanne Eller is a freelance writer, author, workshop teacher, and speaker. She has published over 450 articles, short stories and columns in national publications. She is the author of “Real Teens, Real Stories, Real Life” and “Real Issues, Real Teens – What Every Parent Needs to Know. Suzie is a popular writing workshop teacher. A sampling of past workshops include:

•  Rejection – The Silver Lining

•  Launching Your Freelance Writing Career

•  Marketing 101 – Where Do I Begin as a Freelance Writer?

•  How to Dissect a Magazine

•  Baiting the Hook with a Well-Written Query

•  Marketing Your Writing on the Internet

•  Become a Big Fish in a Little Pond – Meet The Needs of Editors and Snag Regular Assignments


Suzie is the owner and moderator of The Writers View, an on-line list-serve that serves over 500 working writers, agents, editors and publishers. Suzie is also a member of AWSA (Advanced Christian Writers and Speakers Association).


For a fraction of what it would cost you to go to travel to a writer’s conference to hear Suzie, pay the conference fee, attend her seminars, and buy tapes, you can purchase Marketing Your Freelance Writing 101: Everything You Need To Know To Market & Publish Your Writinin handy E-book electronic book)format. 


What does that mean to you?


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