How to Find Your Own Agent

Two Reports in One

How to Find Your Own Agent

How to Be Your Own Agent

By Janet Kobobel Grant


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 You KNOW your book idea is GREAT.

But how do you convince a publisher?

You’ve heard the story: An author writes a wonderful book, but for some reason, no publisher will give the manuscript a chance. “Why not?” the writer asks as the rejection slips pile up.

He tries various approaches to publishers. Then one day “BINGO!” A publisher buys the book and the author becomes a famous, bestselling writer.

What changed? Not the book — it was the way the book was presented to the publisher!

What’s the secret?

There is absolutely no doubt: Selling a book to a publisher is a tricky, frustrating process. Publishers get hundreds — even thousands — of proposals, and in that number, many potentially great books get overlooked. Perhaps you have written one of those potentially great books. Perhaps your book, too, will be overlooked unless you know the secret.

Here are the questions that every serious author must ask:

  • Will an agent improve my chance of success?
  • Do I need an agent?
  • Should I act as my own agent?
  • What do I look for in a publishing contract?

Janet Kobobel Grant takes the mystery out of the publishing process and answers these questions in her E-reports How to Find Your Own Agent and How to Be Your Own Agent.

There are definite dos and don’ts when hiring an agent, for a “bad” agent can be worse than no agent!

In the first report, How to Find Your Own Agent, Janet Kobobel Grant, a long-time agent representing more than 40 authors, tells you:

  • the ins and outs of finding and hiring an agent
  • what kind of representation to avoid
  • what you should expect of an agent
  • what should be included and excluded from your agent’s contract
  • how to work with an agent

And if you decide NOT to pursue an agent’s representation, Janet Kobobel Grant’s second report, How to Be Your Own Agent, will answer your important questions such as:

  • How do I act as my own agent?
  • How do I send my manuscript to a house?
  • How do I follow up?
  • How do I read a book contract?
  • What rights should be in a book contract?
  • What about deadlines? Permissions? Royalties? Indemnity?

True Story:  One author I know thought he could negotiate his book contract himself — but he didn’t know the secret. When his book became a bestseller, he was shocked when he discovered he had signed most of his rights to his publisher. His publisher grew rich, while his own bank account grew poor.

If only he had known the secret…

If you are serious about publishing your book, you need to know the secret about agents and contracts. Without the knowledge contained in these reports, you could easily waste a lot of time and money sending proposals off to publishers who ignore your work. Or you could blow your opportunity entirely.

They may have laughed when you said you wanted to write.

Be assured, they won’t laugh when they introduce you as, “The author.”

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janetgrant2013Janet Kobobel Grant represents 40 authors, including those who write children’s books, young adult books, fiction, nonfiction and gift books. A number of her authors have won writing awards, such as The Christy Award, the Gold Medallion, The Holt Medallion, and the Maggie Award. In addition, many authors she represents have been on the best-seller list, including Robin Jones Gunn, B.J. Hoff, Rene Gutteridge, Kathy Collard Miller, and Joanna Weaver. She has been an agent for eight years. Before becoming an agent she worked as managing editor for books at Focus on the Family, as an imprint editor at Zondervan, and as an editor at Cook Communications. She understands the life of a writer, having written or collaborated on more than 10 books, including Every Child Needs a Praying Mom (with Fern Nichols), which is a Gold Medallion finalist, and The Breast Cancer Companion with Dr. Sally Knox.

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