101 Great Chicken Recipes


by Pamela Christian

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Think quick.

You have unexpected dinner guests. What great main course are you going to fix in a hurry? And where are you going to get great, company-is-coming recipes?

– Your children are bringing their friends to your house after the game. What can you fix that kids will love? Where are you going to get great kid-pleasing recipes?

– You are going to a potluck and you are supposed to bring a meat dish. What can you whip up that everyone will enjoy? Where are you going to get great recipes that will make your contribution shine?

– You are planning a banquet. What entrée can you select (INSTEAD of the same old grilled chicken breasts with rice pilaf!) that is fun, tasty, and impressive? And where are you going to find a great recipe?

– The doctor says you need to cut back on red meat, lose a few pounds, and lower your cholesterol. Where are you going to find really great, tasty chicken recipes?

– You and your family are tired of eating chicken cooked the same old ho-hum way. Where can you find great new chicken recipes?


“The internet!” you answer. And that’s ALMOST true. However, you have to search and search and SEARCH – and that takes precious time. And once you sort through all of the recipes and settle on one, you cross your fingers and hope – AFTER you’ve spent a fortune on ingredients – that the finished chicken dish is eatable. And the recipe could be harder to prepare than you thought and LESS THAN GREAT!

 Author Pamela Christian’s 101 Great Chicken Recipes effectively takes all the hunting and guesswork out of preparing truly memorable chicken dishes by selecting 101 great recipes out of her extensive collection. Each recipe is labeled for ease of preparation and time requirement. Each has clear step-by-step instructions so you win the blue ribbon of excellence EVERY TIME!

Pamela Christian knows what it is like to be busy but still make great meals. As a wife, mother, career professional, and long-time business owner, she understands the intense demands on today’s women. Her early career in food service gave her a love for cooking and entertaining – plus discerning taste buds and the know-how to whip up TRULY GREAT CHICKEN DISHES. (Protocol, Ltd. is the name of her catering company.) So only the best chicken recipes, only those that are fool-proof and taste great, have earned a place in Pamela Christian’s101 Great Chicken Recipes 

Today, Pamela Christian hosts a daily Christian radio talk show in the Bay Area for Salem Communications. She speaks nationally for various retreats and conferences and writes for Christian publishers. But her favorite hobby is still cooking. For 101 Great Chicken RecipesONLY, she has opened her private recipe collection to share the best.

  • Whether you are planning a luncheon, dinner party, or banquet.
  • Whether you are planning a wedding or an intimate dinner for two.
  • Whether you cooking for – or with – your children.
  • Whether you are cooking for just your family or for 100s.

Pamela Christian’s 101 Great Chicken Recipes is the handiest recipe collection you will find!


 Yes, we know that Pamela Christian’s 101 Great Chicken Recipes promises only 101 recipes, but she sneaked in some SECRET BONUS RECIPES & COOKING TIPS that are too good to omit. We won’t go into details here, but Pamela added SECRET BONUS RECIPES & COOKING TIPS that will make your chicken dishes truly great. Even if you are a longtime cook, you will benefit from these professional SECRET BONUS RECIPES & COOKING TIPS!


Pamela Christian’s 101 Great Chicken Recipes can be delivered to your in-box INSTANTLY! RIGHT NOW! This is the tastiest “fast food” you’ve ever had.

This recipe collection is brought to you in the handiest format modern technology can produce: AN ELECTRONIC E-BOOK! If you’ve never ordered an e-book before, YOU WILL BE AMAZED at how easy an e-book is to use. You can find exactly the recipe you need and print it – INSTANTLY – time and time again. The remainder of the collection is stored at your fingertips in a desktop folder. Once you use this electronic recipe collection, you will wish all of your recipes were so easy to find and use.

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Download e-book instantly as a PDF.  No shipping!

Here’s What You Get…

  • Great Stock Recipes
  • Great Soup and Stew Recipes
  • Great Brunch Recipes
  • Great Casual Dining Recipes
  • Great Grilled Chicken Recipes
  • Great Microwave Recipes
  • Great Kid-friendly Recipes
  • Great Casserole Recipes
  • Great Slow-cooker Recipes
  • Index for Recipes Using Leftover Chicken
  • Handy to Have on Hand
  • Chicken Cutting Guide

Order Pamela Christian’s 101 Great Chicken Recipes now!


Top Ten Reasons E-Book Cookbooks are TOPS!

  1. Instant — No shipping, no waiting!
  2. Easy — Find the recipe you want and PRINT IT!
  3. Great Selection — Bigger selection, more choices!
  4. Fast Search Feature — Have your computer find recipes by using favorite ingredients as your keywords.
  5. Splatter-proof  — Hey, you can always print a new copy of your favorite recipe(s).
  6. Economical — Recipes for pennies!
  7. Portable — Print, store on diskette or disk, or open on your computer. Take anywhere.
  8. Delicious — Electronic recipes taste better.
  9. Used by Wise People — Anyone can download an e-cookbook. It’s easy, it’s fun, and it’s the smart thing to do.
  10. Accessible — Easily opens on your computer at your convenience or print it on punch-paper and stash in a notebook or staple together a copy for quick reference.

Download e-book instantly as a PDF.  No shipping!


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