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Christmas Angel Tea Kit In A Box

Dear Friend,

I know you're busy. I know you have too much to do. But that is exactly why I am writing to tell you about Jubilant Press' Christmas Angel Tea Event Planning Kit .


. and also to tell you about my friend Sandy.

For years, Sandy juggled her duties as a wife, mother, and fulltime career woman with her burning desire to see other women introduced to Jesus. And it's been too much - until recently.

Maybe you and Sandy have a lot in common: You're busy, busy, busy - and yet it seems like God is urging you to reach out to other women.

Especially at Christmas.

Like Sandy, you know that Christmas is a special time of sensitivity to Jesus. At Christmas, when you say, "Jesus!" people listen. And want to hear more of the beautiful story of God's gift to humankind. But it is also the busiest season of the year.

So you are asking yourself these important questions:

What if I could plan and execute a delightful Christmas-themed evening where woman and girls came together to laugh, talk, and forge new friendships with being overwhelmed in the process?
What if  that evening also glorified Christ and introduced Him to the women and girls of your community?
What if I could do everything else that needs to get done before Christmas AND still plan such a special outreach event - even if I've waited until the last minute to schedule it?

Jubilant Press has good news for you (and Sandy): The Christmas Angel Tea Event Planning Kit is now ready!

Jubilant Press has made it so simple! The Christmas Angel Tea Event Planning Kit is a complete event planning resource in the handy CD
. We've done the tedious planning work so you can add any personal touches you wish and make it happen!

The Christmas Angel Tea Event Planning Kit contains a CD with:

An organizational structure --
    Easy, step-by-step, to-do lists for each committee - just hand them out to your helpers.
  Checklists for the chairwoman.
  A simple-to-use budget sheet.

A promotional package --
  Posters and tickets for your Christmas Angel Tea - just fill in the blanks and print!
  Bulletin announcements and press releases ready for you to distribute
  A memorable skit script.

A complete menu and recipes --
    Recipes and food for your Christmas Angel Tea - simple but delicious recipes, many made from pre-packaged goodies!
 Decoration ideas with suggestions for simple but beautiful centerpieces.

Program ideas to make your Christmas Angel Tea sparkle --

  A DVD with your event's entertainment - The Story of the Christmas Angels by Bible storyteller Rebekah Montgomery - suitable for all ages.

  Complete patterns, instructions, and materials list for a fun craft - a Christmas angel votive.

  A timeline and order of program to keep the event moving and fun.

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And there's more good news! Even if you've never planned a women's event, you can successfully make it happen with the Christmas Angel Tea Event Planning Kit. Throughout this CD planning kit, there are dozens of ideas that will smooth the planning of your event and make it memorable and effective. Whether or not you are planning a Christmas event, if you are women's ministry director, you will want this resource in your resource library.

How do you get a Christmas Angel Tea Event Planning Kit? It's so easy. Just click here and follow the prompts.

(This is not an electronic product, but will be shipped to you.)


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Linda Evans Shepherd:

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Sherrie Eldridge from Jewel Among Jewels Adoption Network, Inc. says, "I used this at Mops.  Rebekah Montgomery's resources for the Christmas Angel Tea shed new light on the Christmas story that is especially relevant to women. Women readily identify with the meaning of Mary's name (bitter), for what woman hasn't felt like a bitter disappointment to loved ones or God? When the angel Gabriel announced to Mary, "You are highly favored! God is with you," Mary tasted God's grace. So did the young moms group and my neighbors when I announced the same message to them.  I highly recommend these resources! Thank you, Rebekah!

Sherrie Eldridge is an adoption author and speaker (

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