The Potluck Club Series


About the Series — In the small Colorado town of Summit View, a surprising multi-generational mix of women from Grace Church meet once a week to pass a hot dish and to pray. But the Potluck Club, as they call themselves, is a recipe for disaster when they send up enough misinformed prayers to bring down a church. And the funny thing: the more they pray, the more troubles seem to come their way. It isn’t until they invite God to the table that they discover friendship is the spice of life, and a little dash of grace, just like salt, goes a long way.

With charming, down-home characters, humor, poignancy, and a recipe in every chapter, The Potluck Club  and follow-up series, The Potluck Catering Club, will keep readers hungry for more.

Linda and Eva at book signing for Potluck Club Trouble’s Brewing

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Hear Eva Marie Everson introduce the series:


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The Potluck Club

Six women. More problems. New secrets. The Potluck Club is back with a yummy casserole of characters, hilarity, and adventure in Summit View, Colorado! Club leader Evie continues to find newcomer Lisa Leann too tough to swallow, especially since the former Texan’s new advice column causes rumors to rise faster than her famous instant-yeast cinnamon rolls. When one member stirs things up with a new ‘do and a new outlook on life, the girls find themselves in a pickle as gossip takes over the group, a long-awaited romance doesn’t go as planned, and the past comes back to haunt the club’s youngest member. Seasoned with loads of faith, forgiveness, and friendship, The Potluck Club–Trouble’s Brewing gives readers the tasty next serving of friendship fiction that they’ve hungered for since the debut of this zestful, popular series.  Print book.


The Potluck Club: Troubles Brewing

The Potluck ladies are back with more adventures and more food to share. Once again each character has her own back story that takes special meaning in her life: Evie is trying to get attention of her sheriff boyfriend and somehow becomes engaged to another man; Goldie’s former husband keeps trying to win her back, and Vonnie brings her long lost son to meet the family of the father he never knew. All of these characters and more are intertwined through their potlucks which bring a sense of togetherness to the story. Together, the women of the Potluck Club talk over their individual problems and issues and teach us about patience, love, and forgiveness. Print book.


The Potluck Club Takes the Cake

Is the Potluck Club becoming the Bridesmaids Club? Wedding plans and romantic desires abound as the six friends continue to share food, friendship, prayer–and new adventures ranging from hilarious to dangerous!

Shocking rumors, family secrets, and a mountain avalanche threaten the friends’ sense of security, their relationships, and even their lives. As Evangeline’s wedding day draws near, Lisa Leann’s matchmaking ways threaten to cause trouble in more than one relationship. Will the Potluck Club be able to put aside their differences and help each other survive the storms of life and love? Print Book.


The Potluck Catering Club The Secrets in the Sauce

The women of the Potluck Club have decided on a bold move. They’re launching a catering business that’s a lot like them: saucy, spicy, and well-seasoned. But will personal secrets cause the business to crumble before it gets off the ground? As the women focus on their new venture they will have to deal with a steamy past that threatens a marriage, the scalding truth about those they thought they knew, and the outrageous situations that come out of an unexpected–and revealing–trip back home. Readers will be delighted to see that the ladies of Summit View, Colorado, haven’t left the kitchen–they’ve merely turned up the heat on their most delectable adventure to date. Print book.

The Secrets in the Sauce


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“The Potluck Club is back and better than ever! While Evie and Vernon Vesey were on their honeymoon, Lisa Leann decided to capitalize on word of mouth, and The Potluck Catering Club was born. So how’s Evageline going to take the news?…..

I’m loving this new chapter in the history of the Potluck Club and I think you will as well. These are NOT whiny women…think Steel Magnolias and you’ll be a lot closer to the truth. Happy Reading! Deena.”

The Potluck Catering Club A Taste of Fame

The women of the Potluck Catering Club have a growing business. They even became the subject of a budding filmmaker’s class project. Problem is, they didn’t read the fine print when they signed off on his documentary. When he enters the club in the reality show “Great Party Showdown,” the ladies of Summit View, Colorado, head to the Big Apple for the unexpected adventure of their lives. Between navigating New York City, dealing with other cutthroat contestants, and trying to maintain their close friendship in the high-stress world of reality TV, the Potluck women must keep their eyes on the prize–a cool million dollars–and work together if they’re going to make it back to Colorado in one piece. A Taste of Fame serves up the perfect blend of humor, misadventure, and mouth-watering recipes. Fans new and old will love this exciting trip into the wild world of competitive cooking!


You best friends from the Potluck Club go to New York. Click to watch video.
The Potluck Catering Club Bake Until Golden (6th and Final book in story line)

Two cups of flour, a cup of sugar . . . and a generous pinch of scandal

The ladies of the Potluck Catering Club may have thought that competing on The Great Party Showdown reality show in New York City would be the biggest adventure of their lives. But they weren’t counting on the strange goings-on they would confront when they returned to Summit View, Colorado.

When a shocking event rocks their small town, the ladies are stunned–especially when the fingers start pointing at one of them. Will old friends stick together through their trials? Or will they be torn apart by tragedy?

Full of mystery, friendship, and faith, Bake Until Golden is the final book in this popular series.


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