How to Survive Your Child’s Suicide

cHow_to_Survive5By Louisa Lanford
How to Survive Your Child’s Suicide, Steps to Heal the Hurt  by Louisa Lanford from the Thinking About Suicide Series, Book 1 from Right to  the Heart Press
With the current tide of suicide sweeping the world, many  parents are finding themselves trying to survive the heartbreaking loss after  their child commits suicide. If your child, teen, or adult child killed  themselves through suicide, you are left to wonder why and to deal with not only  the heart-wrenching loss, but the terrible guilt that perhaps you could have  done more to prevent your child’s death. You may even be afraid that your broken  heart will never heal.
Author Louisa Lanford has been in your shoes, when  over 30 years ago, her son took his own life one terrible day. Louisa describes  the shock of the news of her son’s suicide and her resulting devastation. She  also tells how she was able to heal from much of the terrible pain, blame,  bitterness and hurt she felt. She explains how she was able to forgive her son  for killing himself, as well as to forgive herself for not being able to prevent  his death.
If you or a loved one has suffered such a terrible loss of a  child to suicide, you will want to read how Louisa was able to process the loss  of her child, survive the pain, and then to gradually, step-by-step, to heal her  hurt.
This report is a quick, easy read that will help you to  immediately follow Louisa’s journey so that you too, will know the keys to start  your recovery from your heart-breaking loss of your child’s suicide.
This  little 36 page e-report is a great guide for those need help and comfort and  help from above, and need it right now.
Foreword by Linda Evans Shepherd  the author of When You Don’t Know What to Pray, How to Talk to God About  Anything.

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